Some colour play with the bae Finnick Odair 

i love lineless and i also love minho so i mean

Harry Villiers is ruining my life and so is this stupid club

guess who’s into tmr now??? i just lOVE WINSTON OKAY SO MANY FANTACTIS POC CHARACTERS

"I love your fanart, it's so cute! Could you make one of the whole riot club? That would be so awesome!"

oh my goodness, thank you! Well my friend, I could absolutely try once I get back from work, it’s been on my list of things to draw anyhow < 3

i hate the riot club who allowed something this good to be created

meet kellan. he hates his life. i feel you kellan

this movie was seriously too amazing

Also, today I went to the Toronto International Film Festival and saw The Riot Club at it’s world premier (for free, at a 40$ discount after waiting 6 hours with H in the RUSH line ((worth it))). Max, Douglas and Sam (oh my goodness, Sam) were all handsome as could be and such gentlemen and the movie itself blew me away. It was one of the most intense movies I’ve seen in ages and Sam absolutely steals the entire show with his mind blowing acting. Absolutely beautiful. I would see it again and most likely will in a heartbeat. All of the cast was absolutely mind blowing, the soundtrack was amazing, the plot completely did the play justice, and the shock and awe factor is only matched by the intensity and dark edginess of the film. Definitely a new side of Max, Douglas and escepcially Sam in terms of acting that was wonderful to see.

I may also be making a Harry Villiers indie because he’s by far my favourite character dear god.

Also I’ve always considered myself a level headed, calm person. Never have I fangirled so hard as I did knowing I’d be in the same theatre as Sam and Douglas oh my god I’m still not over it


Unfortunately when I tried to get tickets they were all sold out (all three nights basically sold out in 5 minutes), so alas, I will not be seeing The Riot Club and it breaks my heart, but regardless I’m going into Toronto with friends to enjoy the bustle of TIFF. Enjoy some Riot Club boys from my instagram as I mourn the loss of TIFF tickets.