"you can never lose sight of that rare feeling;

Jasbeer’s an alien who grew up in the middle east and he bleeds gold and his eyes glow I guess that’s pretty cool.

Here have some Feda sketches in my continuously inconsistant style, yes, good.

otp: i love you jk that’s awks

The official, unofficial Paiman design! Surprisingly only took a few attempts and fiddling to get something that fit and I was comfortable with. I tried to reference the dress off Afghan dancing dresses, so hopefully I didn’t completely mess it up.

First poster concept for The Boy Who Danced On Air, hopefully I don’t get hit hard with art block and am able to manage making a few more that I like as much as this one. Shamelessly plugging my personal Paiman design.

More paintings of cute boys from Afghanistan.

I don’t know why I thought drawing Henna tattoo’s would be fun because it was just an incredibly painful experience, gosh.

A painting referenced off a photo from the extraordinary and eye opening documentary The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan.

Ah yes very good sad middle eastern boy for a story very good very boy much sad

kimi from the reject rebel

I'm Kianna, I like Glee, 1D, DC hereos, freckles, headscarves, pretty boys and have a buttload of OC's. I'm aiming for a program and career in sequential arts.
and this is my art blog.
It sucks.


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